90 years of experience and expertise

The company Louis Blockx nv was created by Louis Blockx in 1923 in Arendonk, Belgium (the exact same place where its registered offices are located today). The grandfather of the current CEO, Lou Blockx, started a company of which the main activity consisted of the confection of woven jute bags (25 and 50 kilo) and the recuperation / reuse of used bags. 150 employers took part in this very labor intensive activity.

Because of changes in the market economy in the 1970s, the company turned increasingly to the import of finished bags from Asia and the traditional jute was replaced with more modern industrial polypropylene bags. As a consequence of a growing demand for printed bags, the confection site in Arendonk was transformed into a printing site.


Innovation and diversification

As of 1990 the expertise and know how within Louis Blockx nv led to a diversification of the product portfolio: big bags and container liner bags were initially imported from Turkey and Eastern Europe; but also, and increasingly more, designed and produced according to the client’s specific needs by the company itself. In 1999 Louis Blockx started its own confection site in Serbia, and became as such the very first Belgian company to invest in post-war Serbia.

A few years later, in 2002, the current production site for big bags in Serbia was set-up: Blockx DOO. The factory consists of an extrusion department, a weaving department and a confection site. Here the raw material, granulate, is reworked into the finished product; the big bag. In 2006 we created Blockx Logistics bvba in order to have our own transport company for transports within the Benelux and neighboring countries.


Louis Blockx nv strives to develop productive long term partnerships with each of its clients and suppliers. We do this by delivering high quality custom made products with a concrete, tangible added value. Controlled and certified core processes are at the base of high quality, innovative products and services that make the difference in a competitive market. Our highly skilled personnel has helped us to grow into a medium size and flexible organization that has succeeded in maintaining the client oriented character of an SME.



  • Almost 90 years of experience and expertise in the market of industrial bags
  • Our own specialized production company for big bags and liner bags
  • A flexible production planning and short delivery times
  • Various partnerships in Eastern Europe and the Far East
  • 14000m² of storage capacity in Belgium
  • Flexible and fast transport within the Benelux, France and all other neighboring European countries
  • Our own production site for the multi-color printing of small industrial bags

Quality through innovation

The quality of our products – big bags, liner bags and small bags – is our absolute top priority. Combined with our thorough service, our customer minded attitude and our problem-solving mindset, this focus on quality forms the basis of our extensive and satisfied client portfolio. The high level of our services is guaranteed through our know how and experience, our detailed insight into product technicality and continuous technological improvements.


The production processes are strictly controlled and constantly modified according to the newest technological developments. Louis Blockx nv continues to invest in the maintenance and renewal of adequate machinery (extruder, looms, sewing machines). This way we continuously evolve with the specific needs of our clients and every possible development in local and European legislation. Our industrial bags for food are guaranteed to respect all applicable rules and regulations. Our production unit in Serbia has a clean room and functions according to the HACCP-quality system.


A rigorous internal quality handbook is guarantee for a continuous evaluation, adapted to the newest developments in legislation. By means of regular controls we constantly make sure that quality procedures and instructions are carried out correctly. Our quality standards for big bags, liner bags and small bags are not merely conform legislation: they also guarantee an answer to the specific needs of our clients.

Quality control

Our production unit in Serbia has its own laboratory, where semi-manufactured goods as well as the end product are strictly checked according to the procedures set out in our quality handbook. We regularly ask the laboratory of the Belgian Packaging Institute to perform tests. This laboratory is accredited to perform tests on big bags (UN-conformity, Safe Working Load, Safety Factor, migration tests, etc…).

Traceability and informatics

Both raw materials, produced semi-manufactured goods and the end product are registered in our own, custom made application by means of a barcode. This guarantees complete traceability.

This application also centralizes the entire client and product administration of Louis Blockx nv, so we can work according to recorded processes and have at all times all necessary information available.

Together with Blockx DOO (the FIBC production site in Serbia), Blockx Logistics (transport) and the recently integrated Combopack (Sint-Niklaas/Izegem), Louis Blockx nv is part of the Blockx Group.

The complementarity of these autonomous companies defines us as one of the most complete partners for the production, printing and sale of industrial bags: small bags, big bags and liner bags. No matter how specific your logistic demands are, we offer tailor made, end-to-end solutions.